Version 11.0.89

June 2, 2020

  • New Features
    • (#6751) Allow plex interaction while preferences dialog is open
  • Fixes
    • (#6592) Copy and paste of notes that include images from one thought to another does not copy the image data
    • (#6670) Report won't close when the app window is very narrow
    • (#6717) Crash on clicking hidden private thought in selected panel
    • (#6722) Windows: Error on new window/tab to a thought with media on autoplay
    • (#6729) macOS: Some windows (such as Preferences and Reminders) disappear when dragged to a different screen
    • (#6734) Pasting captured Thought icon into Note should create a copy of the icon's image file
    • (#6745) Read-only file status should not prevent update on sync
    • (#6748) If an HTML note contains a base64 encoded image followed immediately by bold or other formatting, an error occurs

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