Version 11.0.94

June 6, 2020

  • Fixes
    • (#6768) macOS: Crashing on clicking links to other brains pasted as attachments
    • (#6771) Error on changing theme/wallpaper
    • (#6773) Find and/or replace causes hang if there is only one result and it is at the start of the first line
    • (#6778) Exporting to folders gives error if any thoughts have notes that are read-only
    • (#6779) Files added/created are being set as read-only
      • (#6757) Copied in file attachments are being created as read-only
      • (#6758) Error on moving a file into TheBrain
      • (#6770) Error on "Paste Image" when adding attachment to thought
      • (#6775) Error when adding a file from the templates list
    • (#6780) Deletion fails if there are read-only internal attachments on a thought
    • (#6781) Hardware-based customization icon
    • (#6783) Windows: Installer should not cause/recommend a reboot/restart

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