This beta release features the tighter integration of online and local brains as well as facilities for moving and deleting local Brains. It also fixes a variety of bugs.

Version –Beta Release

October 14, 2011

·         Brains Page

o    When no Brain is open, a list of all your local and online Brains is shown. This gives you a single place to find all your Brains.

§  Brains are listed according to how recently they have been accessed (a future update will allow sorting this list alphabetically also)

§  Brains that are only available online are shown last

§  The list of local Brains is created by showing the Brains found in folders known to have brains in them. If a Brain is not shown in the list, then you can open it using File > Open Brain and the next time the list is shown it will be updated to include brains from that location.

o    From the Brains page, Brains can be:

§  Renamed

§  Moved

§  Deleted

§  Opened, both locally and online

§  Downloaded from the server

§  Uploaded to the server

·         Miscellaneous Enhancements

o    Instant search has been further optimized

o    Preferences look and feel fine tuned

o    Link labels are drawn using the default text colors instead of the link color

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Exception on start under Mac OS

o    Fixed: Single clicks on the Calendar register as two clicks in some cases

o    Fixed: Pasting of Web links and other content does not work when pasting to a link

o    Fixed: There are some layout issues with the startup and preferences dialogs

o    Fixed: The proxy settings are not used for HTTPS connections and at initial startup

o    Fixed: Some menus are disabled after logging out

o    Fixed: Some preferences are not saved

o    Fixed: Can’t login by pressing the Enter key, requiring the mouse to click the login button

o    Fixed: Login information is not saved when the server cannot be reached

o    Fixed: Some messages say “Free” instead of “Pro” and vice-versa



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