This version contains various enhancements, including the ability to start without connecting to a server and several other requests from this message board. There are also a variety of fixes, including a fix for the updated SiteBrain export.

Version –Beta Release

October 21, 2011

·         Miscellaneous Enhancements

o    Non-directed links do not animate on mouse-over

o    A preference for whether double clicking maximizes the plex has been added – this defaults to false (a more standard method for maximizing the plex will be added in a future release)

o    Added support for tablet compatible edit boxes in the create thought dialog box

o    Option to not connect to any server at startup

o    Proxy settings can be modified from the login/server settings window

o    The list of brains can be sorted alphabetically

o    Right-clicking on a brain in the list shows the context menu

o    Shows brain closing animation on File > Close Brain

o    Improved conversion of notes to text when copying thoughts as an outline including notes

o    Calendar performance optimized

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Links from welcome page do not reference specific pages on the web site

o    Fixed: Progress tracker sometimes disappears prior to brain merge being completed

o    Fixed: Thought Type and Tag are not set when creating duplicate Thought (#1977)

o    Fixed: When a link is removed that does not involve the active thought it is not hidden from the display

o    Fixed: Problem with drag and drop from IE9

o    Fixed: When a thought type is selected during creation, the type is not applied

o    Fixed: When selecting link thickness, the entries do not highlight as you mouse over them

o    Fixed: Suggests upgrading to Core instead of Pro when adding an attachment

o    Fixed: Text caret moves when renaming a tag thought

o    Fixed: Problem with drag and drop of URLs from Safari on Mac OS

o    Fixed: Shadow and background preferences are not loaded properly

o    Fixed: Mouse wheel scrolling of brains list is slow

o    Fixed: When a selected link is deleted, the plex remains faded and the tools do not get updated (#1993, #1999)

o    Fixed: Link types cannot be deleted (#1998)

o    Fixed: Tags appear as parents thoughts in the plex after visiting a Thought Type (#2050)

o    Fixed: The code generated by Export > SiteBrain HTML does not work

o    Fixes for Outlook message extraction into notes



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