This update fixes a variety of minor problems and improves the database reliability.

Version – Beta Release

January 24, 2012

·         Improved database robustness when adding information

·         When URLs to Twitter accounts are added, they are named using the Twitter account

·         Fixes

    • Fixed: When the Thought properties window shows the name on its own line, the label toolbar has a drag bar present.
    • Fixed: Editing an attachment location may incorrectly interpret the location as a local file instead of a URL
    • Sync button is disabled when not logged in to a server
    • Fixed: After starting an attachment rename and cancelling, rename cannot be started again
    • Fixed: Instant activate does not return date formatted thoughts in some cases (this also affected other multi-word searches)
    • Fixed: The create thought dialog appears at the wrong size if the last create action showed existing thoughts and was cancelled

·         Various favicon fixes:

    • Fixed: Refresh URL icon may delete an existing icon if the server cannot be contacted.
    • Fixed: A URL favicon that can’t be loaded results in the appearance of no icon at all on Mac OS instead of a generic icon.
    • Fixed: Favicons that are referenced via a base URL cannot be loaded
    • Added utility to check for missing favicons (contact support for details)


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