This release features major updates to the Calendar and Events systems, with speed improvements, new features, and fixes. There are also improvements to the Login/Logout system and various other fixes.

Version – Release Candidate
March 2, 2012
  • Login/Logout improvements
    • Add logout/login command to the File menu
    • Preferences > General > User Account indicates when you are not logged in or not connected
    • The “Logout” button in preferences now shows as “Login” when appropriate (#2226 and #2228)
    • The “Brain closing” animation shows during logout/login
  • Calendar and Events
    • Added new repeating event type based on number of occurrences
    • Calendar is much faster at navigating months and other operations
    • Fixed problems with Google Calendar sync not starting
    • Updated Google calendar sync to correctly handle number of occurrences events
    • Fixes for undo/redo not working correctly for events
    • Dismissing of a reminder no longer dismisses the event itself, which will still appear on the calendar
    • Fixed: Reminders show when not yet due and the due date may be off by one day
    • Fixed: On OS X the color of the “More events” link makes it invisible
  • Accelerators
    • Added an accelerator for Attachment > Refresh URL Icon
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: Drag and drop from Apple Mail in OS X Lion does not work
    • Fixed: The Brain management window does not resize properly if the window was resized while a Brain was open
    • Fixed: Sync menu should be disabled when not connected
    • Fixed: The "Searching..." graphic that displays while a search on OS X is being done is not centered
    • Fixed: When adding attachments the UI can become locked up
    • Fixed: On drag and drop of multiple attachments, confirmation of overwrites using "Yes to all" does not work
    • Fixed: Thought names starting with very large numbers are not sorted correctly
    • Fixed: Affiliate/Reseller purchase links are not redirected correctly


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