This release features many enhancements and fixes including a new link types menu, improved preferences, a keyboard accelerator for loading expanded views, Outlook 64-bit support and more than 20 fixes.

Version – Release Candidate
March 20, 2012
  • Link Types Menu
    • The Link Type context menu has been rebuilt (#2261)
      • Link type names are rendered using the color assigned to the link type
      • If there are too many link types to fit on-screen, a scroll bar appears
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements
    • Brain-specific settings in the Preferences > Look & Feel tab are grouped together into a distinct area
    • The list of customizable search providers is scrollable to allow a large number of custom searches (#2153)
    • New keyboard accelerator added for Load Expanded View (#738)
  • Windows specific improvements
    • Updated native Windows libraries
    • A dedicated installer for the 64-bit version for Windows has been added
    • Fixed: Drag and drop from the 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook does not always work
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: Changes to link direction are not updated in the plex when made from a floating link properties window (#2220)
    • Fixed: Setting a link’s color to default does not work
    • Fixed: If animation is set to off, the preference is not retained upon restarting
    • Fixed: Sometimes URL icons do not update in the plex
    • Fixed: On logout, the main window does not close if it is in autohide mode
    • Fixed: Hangs when opening certain Brains due to problems calculating future recurring events
    • Fixed: Firefox import accelerator should not be present (#2245)
    • Fixed: Should not have a add jump menu entry on context menu for thought types (#2251)
    • Fixed: Can't rename in open attachments window (#2256, #2012)
    • Fixed: Sort by attachment type/file extension does not work (#2118)
    • Fixed: Accelerator instructions under OS X are incorrect
    • Fixed: Selecting a link and clicking maximize plex renders the button inoperable (#2231)
    • Fixed: Cursor Jumps to the end of the note after hovering over other thoughts (#2143)
    • Fixed: Some brains have errors in the log when trying to update instant search because a prior DB update didn't work (#2171)
    • Fixed: Tooltips for link window says "Thought" instead of “Link” (#2214)
    • Fixed: Keyboard shortcut for navigating Back and Forward between Thoughts sometimes skips a Thought (#2158)
    • Fixed: Maximize plex removes the Thought tab if a link is selected (#2236)
    • Fixed: Thought Types Window should Auto-Resize according to the amount of Thoughts displayed. (#2212)
    • Fixed: Escape key does not cancel the preferences dialog when the Accelerator tab is open (#2259)
    • Fixed: Auto Sync should only auto sync if the user and server have not changed (#2266)
    • Fixed: Calendar move two months when clicking on a day in the beginning of the next month (#2169)


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