This release includes various fixes as outlined below.

June 14, 2012
  • Fixed: Preferences > Accelerators > Reset on Mac OS X resets to Windows accelerators
  • Fixed: External attachments are skipped if the file length is larger than 50 MB even though they are not synced regardless of size
  • Fixed: Can't dismiss the about screen using “Esc” key
  • Fixed: TheBrain still tries to connect to the sync server when Do Not Connect to a Server is selected (#2375)
  • Fixed: Sometimes modifying a link's thickness or color does not work
  • Fixed: Link types that have a high thickness are not rendered properly on the link selection menu
  • Fixed: On Windows, an extra shortcut is added to the start menu
  • Sign up button on the login screen opens a web browser instead of using an internal dialog

Harlan was posted today. It fixes a minor problem introduced in version with the drawing of links from the wrong gate during Thought creation.

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