This release fixes various issues discovered so far in the beta.

November 6, 2013
  • Fixed: When adding a URL attachment, sometimes the software may become nonresponsive for moment
  • Fixed: Importing multiple template brains at once does not work
  • Shows template brains by default when creating a new brain
  • Added accelerators for Online menu items
  • Fixed: Some older brains can't be opened
  • Fixed: When creating a thought and using Cmd + Arrow to change the link type, the new Thought is linked to the wrong source thought
  • Fixed: Using the Capture Icon image in the Icon Selection Box can crash
  • Fixed: Icons hidden behind scroll bar
  • Fixed: If you create a brain and then cancel creation due to name collision, menus are disabled
  • Fixed: Search in OSX Mavericks hangs indefinitely
  • Fixed: Twitter search text is reset on search type change
  • Fixed: Icon library refresh issue when scrolling

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