The major fix in this release addresses problems with animation performance and memory usage. As usual, it also includes a variety of other fixes and improvements.

Version 9.0.101

August 15, 2016

  • New Features
    • (#2639)   On sync conflict, forgetting a thought should lose to modification of thought
    • (#2675)   Rounded corners on Brain thumbnails
    • (#1999)   Configure location of stored Brains
  • Fixes
    • (#2556)   Plex not visually responsive to drag and drop of URL to existing Thought
    • (#2565)   Notes: Drag and drop of YouTube video not working
    • (#2617)   Sync fails with brain that was previously synced, then deleted, the re-imported
    • (#2649)   When a sync does not exchange anything, do not add a new sync point on either side
    • (#2677)   Reduced frame rate/jerky animation/slow performance
    • (#2683)   Brains that are local and remote do not show as synced if local was restored from a BRZ
    • (#2085)   Thumbnail from BRZ import not being created
    • (#2214)   Report date range filter is not accurate
    • (#2553)   Notes Editor - Cursor will move locations in Notes when auto Sync kicks in
    • (#2606)   (Mac) Crash when dragging attachment file into Plex
    • (#2616)   Replace the "Failed to load thumbnail" message in the brains list
    • (#2630)   Importing Brain XML - not working for some cases
    • (#2635)   Spelling Error in Brain import message: "### Thoughts where found"
    • (#2641)   Link Type list should be alphabetical
    • (#2652)   Mac: Copy/Paste of an image file into notes does not work
    • (#2660)   Notes sync has problem when the active Notes changed remotely
    • (#2663)   Drag and drop of image file from desktop to notes on Mac does not work
    • (#2665)   Add attachment buttons should arrange differently when window is narrow
    • (#2668)   Parentless/Orphan thought reports cause crash with large brains
    • (#2672)   Pins are lost after a v8 Brain import
    • (#2678)   Notes Editor Word Count should correctly count words
    • (#2409)   Clicking a brain:// link does not bring TheBrain to the foreground (Windows-only)
    • (#2620)   Crash when clicking on a Thought link in Notes that has been deleted
    • (#2634)   Open attachment from content area should show expanding circle in plex from source thought/link
    • (#2692)   Open attachment via keyboard accelerator does not work

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