This release includes a few small new features and several important fixes, many of which are responses to feedback here on on the forums. Thanks again and enjoy. We are getting close to moving to the next phase of release and officially entering the public beta!

Version 9.0.109

September 15, 2016

  • New Features
    • (#2847)   When brains list is filtered, show message: X of Y Brains are filtered
    • (#2784)   UI to set a brain as public on the Brains list
    • (#2822)   "Assign New GUID" can cause confusion in the Brain list if previously synced
    • (#2844)   Copy image attachment or (macOS only) preview image of attachment to icon
  • Fixes
    • (#2846)   Clicking outside a Brain Thumbnail will open the nearest Brain
    • (#2849)   Unable to back-up a Brain from the context menu in the Brains list
    • (#2670)   Thought Type list loses formatting (indented sub Types) when filtering
    • (#2705)   TheBrain 8 XML fails to import
    • (#2793)   Opening History for some Thoughts leads to crash/freeze
    • (#2794)   Opening TPD then immediately opening LPD or vice versa crashes
    • (#2802)   Deleting multiple thoughts doesn't work
    • (#2804)   Brain Theme - incorrect buttons for Default Theme
    • (#2805)   Filtering Types and Tags lists doesn't work with capital letters
    • (#2812)   Delete of selection including active thought leads to crash
    • (#2816)   Can't upload when sync file is larger than 2 GB
    • (#2817)   "Move File into Brain" on an attachment that has been renamed/moved causes crash
    • (#2818)   Sometimes opening Thought History leads to app freezing
    • (#2820)   "Changed Note" appears multiple times in Thought History for a single edit
    • (#2823)   Imported v8 Brains can have hard coded font sizes in notes
    • (#2824)   Import crashes when extracting BrainZip that contains a long file path
    • (#2825)   mailto: links are not getting detected correctly for pasting
    • (#2833)   Alt+Click to open TPD of a different thought while TPD is displayed re-opens the same TPD
    • (#2834)   Doubleclick on link while TPD is open crashes
    • (#2835)   Alt+Enter multiple times opens the same TPD multiple times, stacked
    • (#2836)   Alt+Click on link while keyboard nav is active leads to crash
    • (#2837)   Brains list is slow to update when a brain is renamed
    • (#2840)   Application won't start if never run before (Meta DB is missing)
    • (#2842)   Truncate Thought names in the Plex with single horizontal ellipsis character: narrower for mono-spaced fonts like Courier New

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