A quick followup to 9.0.110 [wink]. Fixes many problems.

Version 9.0.111

September 24, 2016

  • New Features
    • (#2471)   Windows: Notes toolbar buttons that open menus should be distinct
    • (#2878)   Popup dialog corners should be square on Windows and round on macOS
  • Fixes
    • (#1766)   Windows: Some exceptions do not get reported to the user properly
    • (#1800)   If you change your password then access from another machine, it should prompt you to login
    • (#2590)   Windows: After clicking the Type or Tag button, from the TPD or CTD, pressing Enter should dismiss the popup list
    • (#2654)   Invalid characters in URLs can cause a crash
    • (#2819)   Windows: Labels in TPD and LPD are overwritten by placeholder text
    • (#2852)   Windows: Color selection popup of Link/Thought properties dialog does not stay open
    • (#2853)   When an attachment is renamed or moved, content window does not update
    • (#2854)   Windows: Alt+Enter is not a valid keyboard shortcut for TPD - switch to Ctrl+Enter
    • (#2864)   The progress notifications during Export are not frequent enough
    • (#2872)   Importing a .brain file that was just created crashes TheBrain 9
    • (#2873)   Current open Brain Tab says "Brains" instead of open Brain name.
    • (#2875)   Discrepancy between attachment name and content window after editing file name.
    • (#2879)   macOS: Text for thought name should not be selected when TPD is first opened
    • (#2880)   macOS: When renaming an attachment, the extension should not be selected initially.

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