This release includes several features for power users including custom ordering and link analysis.

Version 9.0.124

October 24, 2016

New Features
  • (#213)     Hidden ordering system for Thought names: Prefix numbers with a period to hide them in the plex
  • (#1657)   Select related thoughts (crawl and modify selection)
  • (#3037)   Find thoughts that have everything in the selection as parents via selection context menu
  • (#3038)   Select the shortest path between two thoughts via selection context menu
  • (#2866)   Doing other things while a large import is happening results in a crash
  • (#3026)   Thought icons that are generic URL icons do not show in reports
  • (#3028)   Reports: Search of attachments should search location as well as name
  • (#3029)   Make "delete icon" last in context menu
  • (#3033)   File attachments are displaying first even when notes are present
  • (#3039)   macOS: When using a touchpad, context-click on selection via two-finger tap responds as if the thought is not part of the selection 

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