A few search improvements and fixes, plus fixes for import and other things... Thanks for the bug reports everyone!

Version 9.0.125

October 26, 2016

New Features
  • (#2977)   Accented characters should be indexed and searched as their base character
  • (#3051)   Hold down Shift while opening Brain to rebuild the search index (do this once if your brain contains Thoughts with accented characters or they will not be found via search)
  • (#3043)   "Select Related Thoughts" should be an option in the right click context menu
  • (#3046)   Set home thought does not change setting until closed and re-opened
  • (#3048)   Empty tags popup in reports should say "There are no tags in this Brain"
  • (#3049)   Hidden ordering system causes reports to be out of order
  • (#3052)   Opening types popup in reports can lead to crash
  • (#3053)   Delete button is too easy to press on attachment tab and can be hit via double-click
  • (#3054)   Search does not find terms that are out of order or in labels
  • (#3055)   Import from TB8 is not importing colors for Thoughts

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