This release includes full featured PDF preview on both macOS and Windows. Additionally, users with large Brains will notice significant increases in speed.

For new users, this release enables use by those who do not have an active services account, including the ability to utilize a 30 day pro trial.

Version 9.0.132

November 11, 2016

  • New Feature
    • (#2116)   Enhanced PDF preview - zoom, scroll, rotate, etc.
  • Performance
    • (#3142)   Editing Thought Type that is assigned to 1000+ Thoughts is very slow
    • (#3160)   There is a delay between clicking a thought and the start of animation
  • Licensing
    • (#3129)   Enable login without active services account
    • (#3150)   License and server information display in About and Account areas
    • (#3151)   Enable free 30-day trial of pro license and services
  • Free Edition
    • (#3128)   Should not allow adding file attachments
    • (#3130)   Should not enable setting or creating types and tags
    • (#3131)   Should not allow advanced views
    • (#3136)   Should not allow more than one attachment per Thought/Link
    • (#3137)   Should not allow reports
    • (#3153)   Upgrade links from menu, upgrade dialog, about dialog
  • Fixes
    • (#2843)   Windows: Updated embedded-browser to alleviate security warnings on google.com
    • (#3008)   macOS Notes: When spellcheck is on, copy does not copy spaces
    • (#3105)   Brains list: Filter message is not visible if scrolled down
    • (#3112)   Mistake in the "Import" window text
    • (#3122)   Search of Russian text does not work
    • (#3138)   Error while copying a group of thoughts due to missing thought
    • (#3139)   Exception in AttachmentInfoWidget.HandleBoundsChanged
    • (#3143)   "Notes Editor is not ready" shows many times in log
    • (#3159)   Closing Brain with report open leads to crash

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