This version includes new report features. Link types can now be selected from the types popup. Also, searches through report results are now possible, including support for excluding thoughts that contain the terms prefixed by a dash (-).

Thanks again to everyone for your help in finding bugs and suggesting improvements.

Version 9.0.140

November 28, 2016

  • New Features
    • (#2583)   Advanced search using Reports
    • (#2718)   Report on Thoughts using Link Types
  • Fixes
    • (#1477)   macOS: Window Controls should not be shown in fullscreen mode
    • (#3117)   Cmd+Shift+] is not accepted as a keyboard shortcut
    • (#3120)   Windows: Report check box state can get out of sync results when clicking on Sub/Super Types
    • (#3133)   Brain tries to sync when computer offline
    • (#3198)   Portrait images take on an iPhone show as landscape in the plex
    • (#3235)   Clicking on non-active Thought name in content area causes crash
    • (#3247)   PDF with "&" in file name will not preview
    • (#3248)   Only logout user from local account if password has been changed on server; do not logout due to a server error
    • (#3249)   Crash when server is down while starting application
    • (#3256)   Clicking on Link Menu causes crash
    • (#3262)   macOS: Exception during sync caused by failure to get free space
    • (#3265)   macOS: Full screen and capture icon can lead to crash
    • (#3267)   Copy icon command should enable pasting into notes or as an attachment
    • (#3268)   macOS: Capture image command should be disabled in fullscreen mode
    • (#3270)   macOS: Typing using Pinyin causes immediate crash

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