This release enables customization of notes styles, letting you choose any font in addition to background and foreground colors. Also added are 4 new base notes styles to choose from.

There is the ability to add labels while creating a thought, several performance enhancements, and bug fixes.


Version 9.0.142

December 6, 2016

  • New Features
    • (#3316) Enable adding a label when creating a thought using the | (pipe) character
    • (#3324) Notes: Customizable font, foreground and background colors for styles
    • (#3325) Additional Notes Styles
  • Fixes
    • (#3156) macOS, wide color ("P3"): Brain crashes after being idle/shifted into fullscreen mode
    • (#3302) Windows: Proxy password box is too short
    • (#3308) Preference for expanded dialogs (Create, Properties) is not saved
    • (#3309) Popup for selecting thought types and tags should not be restricted in height
    • (#3312) Import of notes from version 8 brain can be very slow
    • (#3314) When importing text or pasting an outline, an extra thought is sometimes inserted that groups all of the top level thought together
    • (#3317) Error when selecting "unlink selection" and a link is selected
    • (#3326) Windows: Subpar performance when displaying long lists (eg. the thought types popup)

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