This release is the debut of the much-anticipated timeline feature. Events can be displayed on the timeline and optionally associated with thoughts and links. Open the timeline via View > Timeline. The features and UI of the timeline and events system are briefly documented below in the release notes.

Note: Bidirectional Google Calendar sync and alerts/notifications are being implemented but are not included in this release.

Also included in this release are several important fixes to the notes editor.

Version 9.0.149

February 8, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3435) Timeline and Events
      • The timeline displays events that may be associated with thoughts and links.
      • Open the timeline by selecting Timeline from the View menu
      • Timeline UI
        • Mouse: Drag sideways to scroll, Drag up/down to scale
        • Touchpad (macOS): Use two fingers scroll, pinch to zoom
        • Toolbar buttons: scroll to now, scroll left/right, zoom to day/week/month/year
        • Click on timescale to create an event
        • Drag on timescale to create an event of a specific length
        • Drag events to move them
        • Click events to edit them
        • Right click on and event to show context menu with options to:
          • Attach/detach from currently focussed thought/link
          • Edit event
          • Delete event
        • Click on the small calendar on the right to move the timeline to the selected date
        • Clicking the arrows allows you to scroll through months
        • Clicking the “scroll to now" icon in the row of toolbar buttons will move both the timeline and the calendar to the current date (and time)
      • Edit Event Dialog
        • Editing the start date/time will also change the end date/time so that the event's duration does not change
        • The button on the bottom activates the thought/link (if attached)
        • The "actions" icon shows a menu that offers attach/detach and delete commands
        • Clearing the summary and pressing enter or clicking to close the dialog will delete the event
        • Click the color button to change the event’s color
      • Content Area UI (Active Thought/Link Event List)
        • Events can also be added to a thought/link via the "Add Attachment" tab
        • If a thought/link has an event, it will show an attachment tab next to the notes tab
          • Clicking on an event shows it in the timeline
          • Icons are for editing and deleting events
          • Right-click to show the event context menu
      • Coming soon
        • Events on the timeline will sync with Google Calendar
        • Repeating events support
    • (#1970) Internal browsers supports cookies, allowing login information to be retained •
  • Fixes
    • (#2850) Notes: Cursor refuses to stay at start of a bullet line when spellcheck is on
    • (#3345) Notes: Cursor jumps while typing numbers and periods
    • (#3377) Notes: Images cannot be resized
    • (#3382) Fuzzy arrow icon in the Smart Splitter
    • (#3442) Windows: Recent thoughts modification hints and other hints do not render correctly
    • (#3450) Notes are not saved when "update on hover" is enabled and a new thought is clicked immediately after editing
    • (#3451) Notes: Word count does not update


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