In this release, the most important fix is that long file names previously preventing successful syncs are detected at sync time as well as during creation. For macOS, search of notes and attachments has been fixed.

Version 9.0.158

March 8, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3434) Copy single thought as text via Edit > Copy Thought as Outline
  • Fixes
    • (#3552) Internal file locations should not allow more than 150 characters
    • (#3583) Windows: Paste Thought Outline in Notepad does not format properly
    • (#3584) Copying and pasting long file name does not work.
    • (#3585) macOS: Attachment search leads to crash sometimes
    • (#3593) Attachment: Rename, move into/out of brain from list view results in temporary file not found when trying to open
    • (#3594) Folder attachments do not show their location
    • (#3595) macOS: Right click on attachment icon in content area opens context menu twice
    • (#3596) Attachments: When viewed in list for the first time after import, items re-order each time they are clicked
    • (#3598) macOS: TheBrain menu > Hide/Show commands can lead to crash if no window is open
    • (#3599) Thought type menu can cause null exception
    • (#3600) macOS: Exceptions while using Copy Attachment to Icon command

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