Many new features and improvements to events are included in this release. Thanks again for all the feedback on this. Also included is the ability to redisplay the search results by clicking the search text box.

Version 9.0.161

March 24, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3482) Click search edit box to redisplay search results
    • (#3621) Make events more thought-centric
    • (#3663) Event reminders
    • (#3589) Click event in timeline activates thought/link on first click without opening properties
    • (#3601) Make more thought commands available from thought properties actions menu
  • Fixes
    • (#2761) Shortcuts to create a new thought should dismiss thought properties dialog
    • (#3609) macOS: Search results and reports scrollbars don't look right
    • (#3614) Long event name will cut off text and time in the attachment tab
    • (#3615) Multiple events do not scroll on the tab
    • (#3628) Edit URL location when attachments list is not visible results in error
    • (#3635) Thought names should not be truncated at 140 characters
    • (#3661) Multiple keyboard shortcuts for accessing timeline
    • (#3608) Animation of dialog popups: disable on Windows, add preference on macOS
    • (#3670) Long thought names display as very small text in TPD
    • (#3671) Long event labels and dates are being truncated on attachment tab
    • (#3674) It is possible to create a thought type with no name



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