Version 9.0.246

February 11, 2018

  • Fixes
    • (#4656) Recent history does not show after the Brain Theme dialog is opened
    • (#4667) Typo in Preferences -> UI "Gravitar" should say "Gravatar"
    • (#4675) macOS: Timeline toolbar buttons are not visible if timeline is open at startup
    • (#4677) Windows: External file attachments linked using forward slashes cause a crash when opened
    • (#4679) Renaming with context sensitive names should not affect Thought types and tags
    • (#4681) Windows: External file attachments linked using a path starting with "\\" do not show icon in the plex
    • (#4682) macOS: Thought properties background color does not display immediately in the text box when a new color is chosen
    • (#4683) Undo of a deletion does not properly update the search index

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