This release migrates most of the fixes made in version 9.1 back into 9.0 for any user who does not want to upgrade. While most of these fixes have been extensively tested in 9.1, the 9.0 codebase is different and it is possible that certain fixes may not work as expected. For this reason it is being released on the Alpha update channel and will be promoted to the beta and stable channel when appropriate.

Version 9.0.266 (Alpha)

August 17, 2018

  • Fixes
    • (#2138) macOS: Application should not use more than 5% CPU when idle or minimized
    • (#2809) Emojis & Symbols pasted into Notes turn into a question mark symbol and cursor jumps to top left of Notes after paste.
    • (#3958) Windows tablet mode: Software keyboard pops up continually when you click on thoughts
    • (#3986) Mac keyboard shortcuts using non-Latin layout
    • (#4221) macOS: IME should not disappear instantly when editing notes
    • (#4276) Clicking event reminder from another tab causes error
    • (#4502) macOS: Magnet (3rd party app) causes problems with gate dragging
    • (#4648) Multiple EventProperties dialogs - can cause exception
    • (#4728) Right click on Thoughts behind the selection box
    • (#4807) Some web page titles using Chinese characters are not parsed correctly
    • (#4812) Parentless thought report should include thoughts that have tags
    • (#4863) Making changes to files while the Attachment list is open may lead to a crash
    • (#4865) Parentless thought report should include pinned thoughts
    • (#4869) macOS: Cancelling thought icon capture causes error
    • (#4879) Deleting a thought via Shift+Context menu on the PTL does not always refresh PTL
    • (#4884) Notes: Image cut and pasted twice does not paste second time
    • (#4885) Forget/Delete of Thought via keyboard shortcut should not be possible while notes is focussed
    • (#4890) BRZ that contains both logged in user and a local user in Access Entries can not be imported
    • (#4898) macOS: Keyboard modifier to move file during drag and drop to content area doesn't work
    • (#4900) Thoughts that were imported to TB8 from other programs can lose their icons when imported to TB9
    • (#4904) Error while copying thoughts when there is parentless thought and a loop that is not under that parentless thought
    • (#4906) Attachment "Type" is not saved when saving a Report
    • (#4909) Unauthorized file change message says file has been moved to the desktop before it has really been moved
    • (#4911) Attachments "with Notes" report can bring wrong results if "Name" field is filled
    • (#4916) Animation showing selected thoughts ("marching ants") does not work properly
    • (#4917) Context Menu on the selection area can cause crash (GetSelectionTagsMenuItem fails)
    • (#4919) Windows: Responsiveness to mouse movement is sometimes poor when there are many Thoughts onscreen
    • (#4923) Windows: When first displayed, attachments report type should default to internal attachments
    • (#4940) WMI detection of hardware keyboard may fail
    • (#4941) Windows: Notes editor may require "Run as administrator" in order to function
    • (#4955) Bad file path in Thought icon info throws an exception

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