The preview release 9.0.75 is now available. On startup, TheBrain 9 will detect this version and ask you if you want to download and install it automatically. To request an immediate update, choose Check for Update from the Help menu on Windows or from TheBrain menu on Mac.

Version 9.0.75

January 11, 2015

  • Fixes
    • Crash on startup if unknown key identifiers are placed into bindings file
    • Crash on startup when running on Surface 4
    • New fix for when forgotten thoughts are disabled, siblings via a forgotten parent do not disappear (#1604)


Version 9.0.74

January 7, 2015

  • New Features
    • Login screen allows password reset and creation of new accounts
    • Pasting multiple lines of text into the create thought dialog creates multiple thoughts (#1701)
    • Drag and drop of an attachment to an existing thought automatically selects that content tab for the new attachment if there are no other attachments
    • Search results are displayed for matches on links
    • Preference added for update channel to enable switching between the Alpha, Beta and Stable channels (#1961)
    • Folder attachments
      • The contents of internal folders are now synced
      • Internal folders are imported correctly from TheBrain 8 (#1883)
      • Warning: This feature is incomplete at this time and may produce unexpected results when copying thoughts or links that contain folder attachments or attempting to undo/redo actions related to folder attachments
      • Improvements
        • Instant search is more responsive
        • Search results sorting puts most relevant thought matches first and then sorts alphabetically (#1956)
        • Lists of thoughts (search results, types and tags lists, reports) are larger and easier to read
        • Better troubleshooting during importing of Brain from TheBrain 8 (saves orphaned attachments)
        • Fixes
          • Compact toolbar should show Back/Forward buttons
          • Can’t paste a thought that will replace the active thought
          • FPS counter should not be displayed unless debugging
          • Cannot copy and paste Thoughts, Types, and Tags at the same time (#1852)
          • Right clicking on a pin and selecting Properties doesn't work correctly (#1942)
          • TheBrain finding search results when it shouldn't. (#1920)
          • Brain Names in the Brain List that have been changed are not updating (#356)
          • Closing a Brain will not preserve a right side or bottom plex orientation (#1916)
          • Copy Thoughts crashes when Types have parent Types (#1857)
          • Failed Import of Customer's Brain (#1772)
          • Focus doesn't remain on the Add Attachment (+) tab when resizing (#1549)
          • Rename Brain Does Not Rename Currently Open Brain Tab (#1576)
          • Report > Time > Switching radio options moves popup ever downward (#1588)
          • Search results for links do not display or activate properly (#1879)
          • Thought properties dialog text height does not match thought height (#1603)
          • When a brain is imported, all thought folders are locked and internal attachments cannot be added (#1930)
          • Account dialog popup needs a new image for "add account" (#1595)
          • Report > Clicking "Add All to Selection Box" twice will clear the selection box (#1298)
          • Right click on gate triggers gate highlight that is not dismissed (#1504)
          • Cannot Search for a Thought that starts with a Special Character (#1275)
          • Search sometimes doesn't find thoughts if there are many matches to the first term (#1915)
          • Cannot pin Tags and Types (#1483)
          • Navigating to Thought Type from Toolbar Button - history arrows in toolbar do not refresh (#1551)
          • "Sync this Brain Automatically" feature re-sets when the app is re-started. (#1794)
          • Do not allow adding an invalid URL (#1745)
          • Long Brain Name does not display properly. (#1301)
          • Search result font size is too small (#1907)
          • Instant activate/search takes longer to respond than in TheBrain 8 (#1913)
          • Copy thought via context menu - message in notification area says: "" copied to clipboard (#1715)
          • Thought name does not appear in paste thought notification (#1675)
          • When forgotten thoughts are disabled, siblings via a forgotten parent do not disappear (#1604)
          • It should not be possible to forget/delete the home thought (#1823)
          • User account names are missing when creating account (#1827)
          • Do not allow use of email or username that is already taken on webbrain.com (#1829)
          • Windows are no longer being properly disposed on tab dock (#1437)
          • Import of Thought Icons that are not .png is broken (#1889)
          • Can't login to TheBrain using a long password or a password that contains special characters. (#1923)
          • Non HTTP/HTTPS links cause crash when embedded browser is enabled (Evernote for example) (#1929)
          • Windows Specific
            • Fixes
              • Sometimes attachment search does not work
              • File attachment > Show in Explorer does not work (#1802)
              • Mac OS X Specific
                • Fixes
                  • Keyboard bindings for Backspace and Delete keys do not show in menus (#1711)
                  • Keyboard bindings for create child/parent/jump conflict with existing bindings
                    • In order for this fix to take effect, from Finder, press Cmd+Shift+G, then type “~/.TheBrain/v9”
                    • Delete the file “InputBindings.txt” and restart TheBrain 9
      • Crash caused by missing file preview
      • Dropping an email from mail application into TheBrain leads to crash (#1886)



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