To update from a prior version of TheBrain 9, choose Check for Update from the Help menu on Windows or from TheBrain menu on Mac.

You must update to this version of TheBrain 9 in order to continue syncing with the server. Until you update, sync requests will be denied with an "Unauthorized" error.

This version includes several significant fixes to the import process. If you were unable to import a Brain using a prior release, please try again with this version. Also, Brains with thought links and images inside of notes should be re-imported with this version as imports done with prior versions broke those links and images.

Version 9.0.76

January 13, 2015

  • Fixes for Importing from TheBrain 8
    • Error Importing Brain - Value to Add was Out of Range (#1932)
    • Importing Large Brains "seems" to hang several times (#1776)
    • No status updates or logging during insertion of Tombstones in Import (#1438)
    • Imported thought links in notes are broken (#1892)
    • Images in notes are not imported properly (#1535)
    • Improvements
      • Increased tolerance to missing data when requested thoughts are not available in data set
      • More support for folder attachments
        • This feature is not yet complete and may behave unexpectedly when copying, pasting and performing undo/redo operations
  • Temp and Working folders are cleared on startup (#1969)
  • Fixes
    • Single external image attachment does not show up as thought icon if moved into/out of Brain (#1249)
    • Default Note Style should say MODERN (#1678)
    • Windows: Popup menu for "actions" in notes appears from the wrong location (#1737)
    • Last active thought/PTL should be saved immediately (#1580)
    • Past Thoughts List is being read in reverse order (#1985)
    • Tag Icon should be high resolution image (#1516)
    • Pasting of text with newlines into properties dialogs should strip out newlines (#1700)
    • Maximum notes font size reduced (#1947)
    • Remove "Open Profile" button from account menu. (#1609)
    • Make Enter key activate the first found thought in instant search (#1928)
    • Working folder gets very large if there are several failed syncs (#1969)
    • Deleting local brain sometimes fails due to locked subfolder
    • Instant search does not display results if any result is an event
    • On Mac OS X, search results do not include the contents of notes
    • Miscellaneous Changes
      • Notes are now stored in the “Notes” subfolder of the thought folder instead of in the hidden “.data” folder (#1966)
      • Does not include channel name in download location for updates (multiple copies of install files no longer needed on server)



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