To update from a prior version of TheBrain 9, choose Check for Update from the Help menu on Windows or from TheBrain menu on Mac.

If you have been having trouble with imports in 9.0.78, that issue has been fixed in this version. There is also a fix for a problem that was causing some brains to crash regularly, making TB9 unusable.

Version 9.0.79

January 22, 2015

  • Improvements
    • Windows: Add Attachment > Create File enabled (#971)
      • Allow creation of new documents based on the applications currently installed
  • Preference added for action to be taken when active thought is clicked (#2007)
  • Mac OS X Specific
    • Basic notes spellchecking enabled (#1531)
      • At this time, Notes menu > Check Spelling as You Type initiates a spellcheck of the entire document and does not actually do spellchecking as you type
      • This feature will be coming to Windows soon
  • Dictionary look up command added to Notes context menu (#2026)
  • Important Fixes
    • Crash caused by attempting to update favicon in internal browser (#1997)
    • Crash when clicking to display user account information (#2021)
    • Crash caused by changing available displays (connecting an extra monitor for example) (#2012)
    • Import fails with message “Error inserting or updating entity” (#1989)
  • Other Fixes
    • Window may go off-screen on Surface when rotating between landscape and portrait (#1992)
    • Update process on Windows does not allow downgrading (#1964)
    • Brain theme dialog does not display the correct default font (#1679)
    • Content window behind by 1 move when scrolling through thoughts via keyboard (#1613)
    • Internal trash folder for undo should not be contained inside of Brains folder
    • Link color, thickness and label don't show in the plex if link type has been assigned and then reset back to untyped (#1709)
    • When a thought paste conflict occurs and “replace” is chosen, attachments should be replaced (#1910)
    • Accented characters can cause problems when used in the names of internal attachments
    • Log and error reports should have the version number included



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