To update from a prior version of TheBrain 9, choose Check for Update from the Help menu on Windows or from TheBrain menu on Mac.

Major improvements in search speed are included in this release. Also, spellchecking of notes on Windows and Mac OS X is now working.

Version 9.0.80

February 3, 2015

  • Improvements
    • Search
      • Search is more significantly more responsive, does not cause the UI to pause, and returns more comprehensive results (#2057)
    • Notes
      • Spellchecking
        • Spellcheck as you type is fully enabled on both Mac OS X and Windows
        • When enabled, words are underlined with red to indicate a misspelling.
        • Context-clicking on a misspelled word shows suggested spellings and also gives options to ignore or learn the word
      • Context Menu
        • Commands on the context menu are disabled if they are not working yet
      • Added “Paste and Match Format” command (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+V)
    • Reports
      • The number of thoughts in the report is shown at the bottom of the report (#2023)
      • Tighter layout of report controls makes more space available for report content
      • Colors inherited from thought types are displayed (#2022)
    • Added Wikipedia to default search engines list
    • When creating a new thought, privacy status is copied from source thought (#1977)
    • Better sizing of font inside of thought lists (reports, search results, etc)
  • Important Fixes
    • Crash when opening a brain with LinkMeaning.TypeOf that is not linking two thoughts of ThoughtKind.Type. (#2034)
    • Crash when opening a that has an invalid type tree (#2032)
    • Import fails with log message “Sequence contains no matching element” (#2014)
    • Occasional crash when displaying search results
  • Fixes
    • Some web page titles are not parsed correctly, resulting in thoughts and attachment with an empty name (#2036)
    • Import of a Brain that was just created in TheBrain 8 and is still open does not give a message when failing to import (#2071)
    • Forgetting the active thought causes other forgotten thoughts to appear momentarily (#1471)
    • In Brain Access dialog, access levels are not readable values (#1454)
    • When pasting a thought and replacing an existing thought, file attachment do not update properly (#2044)
    • Localization strings are missing for new preferences and menu commands
    • It should not be possible to set the keyboard focus to the types drop list in the thought properties dialog (#1558)
    • Back/Forward buttons should skip over forgotten thoughts when they are not being shown (#1033)
    • Link types are not being copied when copying thoughts (#1333)
    • Notes are not being copied when copying thoughts (#2029)
    • Symbols are not being used when sorting thoughts. (#2078)
    • Note icon indicator sometimes does not appear (#2030)
    • Types and tags conflicts on paste should default to Skip (#1332)
    • Windows only: Menu mnemonics should be displayed for top level menus when the user presses “Alt” (#1651)
    • Drop list of types and tags is too narrow in Thought Properties Dialog (#1994)
  • Miscellaneous Changes
    • Code for handling of attachments reorganized.

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