Lots of fixes and a few requests from the forums community are included in this release. Thanks again to everyone who has been helping out with testing and feedback!

Version 9.0.84

March 4, 2015

  • Fixes
    • Past thought list and last active thought are not saved if brain is closed (#2169)
    • Deleting an Attachment source folder does not get properly detected/processed
    • Thought focus and activation code reworked so that the past thought list and content area update properly when thought are activated via search (#2227 and #2195)
    • Crash with message “Database is locked” in error log after making many changes to the file system at once (#2198)
    • When attachments are added via drag and drop, they are sometimes not displayed immediately (#2176)
    • Checks for updates on startup more regularly
    • Tooltips for attachment names appear more consistently
    • Localization strings are not copied for existing installations
  • Windows Specific Fixes
    • When creating files from Thoughts, some files cannot be opened by their host applications
  • Mac Specific Fixes
    • Quitting via the dock icon does not save the application state (#2035)
    • On Mavericks, crashes whenever certain dialog boxes appear (#2223)
    • Right click on notes can sometimes cause a crash


Version 9.0.83

March 2, 2015

  • Improvements
    • Instant search searches labels (#1163)
    • Instant search searches links (#2187)
    • New command: Duplicate thought (#1898)
    • New preference: Double-click to maximize plex (#1900)
  • Important Fixes
    • Crash with message “KeyNotFoundException” in error log (#2197)
    • Crash with message “InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified” in error log (#2206)
    • Crash with message “ArgumentOutOfRangeException” in error log (#2205)
    • Crash when searching in a large brain without any error log generated (#2208)
    • Crash when right clicking twice in a row in the notes editor
  • Notes Fixes
    • Problems inserting content containing quotes
    • Newly opened notes should scroll to the top (#2019)
    • Partially eliminate issue with Notes Editor spell check causing words to move around near BR tags (related to #2121 but does not fix issue with pressing enter or shift enter on incorrect word at end of line)
    • When importing notes from TheBrain 8, line spacing is changed (#2120)
      • If notes from TheBrain 8 are not spaced correctly in your brain and you wish to correct this, you will have to delete your Brain from TheBrain 9 and re-import, losing any changes you have made since the last time you imported it into TheBrain 9
      • If you do not want to lose data added into TheBrain 9, you will have to live with the line spacing changes cause by the import
    • Checkbox items get crossed out when completed
    • Mac: Paste of formatted HTML is cleaned up during paste
  • Other Fixes
    • Searching… status popup does not disappear, leaving a blank rectangle on the display (#2188)
    • Search of forgotten thoughts does not work (#2050)
    • Can’t edit URL attachment locations (#1647)
    • Select File renamed to Link to File (#2185)
    • Copy/paste of Thoughts with folders attached does not work
    • Move file into/out of Brain does not update the display of the shortcut overlay icon (1987)
    • URL titles do not download if there are many favicon downloads pending (#2209)
    • For read-only thoughts links should highlight on hover of gate even if gate itself does not
    • Entering a URL without the http:// prefix does not work (#1647)
    • Mac: Clicking on URL icon in content area opens the browser multiple times (#2192)
    • Activating thoughts via home button and via search does not update the content window (#2195)
    • Improved preferences layout
    • Close buttons on tabs and other controls should not be able to get keyboard focus

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