TheBrain 9.0.89 is now available.
  • Major Changes and Improvements
    • Windows: Built-in Document Previews
      • Word, Excel, and other documents can now be previewed from directly within TheBrain when the appropriate Preview Handler is installed in Windows (via Office for example)
  • New Feature
    • (#1760)   Windows: Enable document previews inside TheBrain
    • (#2391)   Thoughts in selection should not show tags until mouseover
    • (#2432)   Simplify Notes toolbar to show text styles as text
    • (#2436)   Content tab position should default to "Top" when main window is vertically split
    • (#2440)   Capture Image feature - click TAB to bring Brain back
    • (#2467)   Tab and Shift+Tab keys should always indent/outdent in notes editor
  • Bug
    • (#2132)   Sort By setting on Brain List page should be remembered
    • (#2231)   Tag displayed above expanded Thought text
    • (#2344)   Windows: Keyboard shortcut to focus to notes requires pressing Tab key
    • (#2424)   Windows: Color popup selector for colors in Brain Theme is too far to the right
    • (#2439)   ESC on Thought Creation not working if there is an existing Thought found.
    • (#2448)   Assigning a Brain a new GUID removes theme, pins, and wallpaper.
    • (#2452)   Mac: Remove 1 pixel wide light gray border at the edge of the window
    • (#2454)   Import fails because Icon.png already exists in folder
    • (#2456)   Crash: Renaming Brain from Brains list window causes crash
    • (#2457)   Assign New GUID fails on Brains with links to other brains in notes
    • (#2460)   Deleting a thought via the Shift+Right click command does not work
    • (#2465)   Deleting a brain does not give any user feedback that the deletion is in progress
    • (#2466)   Plex siblings go off the right side of window when width is 810 to 875 pixels wide

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