Thanks for the ongoing feedback! The new build is up now.

Version 9.0.94

June 6, 2016

  • New Features
    • (#2469)   Add attachment should offer Capture Image
  • Fixes
    • (#1934)   Copy/Paste Thought with image in notes - image will not show up
    • (#1937)   Mindmap view - Long parent Thought names have jump/child gates on wrong side
    • (#2043)   Ignore https vs. http prefixes when linking duplicate website
    • (#2072)   When note is changed via sync and thought is active, content does not update
    • (#2165)   Notes Editor: drag image within note should work as expected
    • (#2369)   Undo add attachment when it is a pasted file does not work
    • (#2434)   Null exception when opening Brain Access dialog if server is down
    • (#2516)   Ctrl+Z on windows / ⌘ Z on Mac can delete Notes permanently
    • (#2521)   Changing Brain Access Level for a user empties the group/user list
    • (#2545)   Keyboard Shortcut for Toggle Pin not working
    • (#2548)   Selecting a Tag in Reports starts with excluding it rather that including the Tag
    • (#2557)   First Brain Tab not responsive if clicked on the beginning Left 1/3 of Tab
    • (#2559)   Link Properties Dialog covers link center, blocking view of property changes
    • (#2564)   Thought names in menus should be truncated at 40 characters
    • (#2566)   Brain Crash - Delete forgotten Thought from report and click on it again in the report
    • (#2485)   Notes on the left causes TheBrain to Crash

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