Major improvements/fixes in this version include:
  • Increased stability on Mac OS, especially when using a retina display
  • Many initial sync problems resolved
  • Issues preventing startup resolved
  • Fixed problems related to cursor moving due to notes spellchecking
  • Ability to re-order attachments via drag and drop

Version 9.0.98

August 4, 2016

  • New Features
    • (#1897)   Add ability to sort / re-arrange attachment order
    • (#2462)   Display Warning message for closing TheBrain during an active import
    • (#2558)   Link Name in content area.
    • (#2621)   File > Import should default to add if a Brain is the selected tab.
    • (#2639)   On sync conflict, forgetting a thought should lose to modification of thought
  • Fixes
    • (#2506)   Long attachment names prevent import from v8
    • (#76)       Cannot upload large brains on sync
    • (#927)     Localization: Utilize Locale Information
    • (#1369)   WikiSpecies BRZ does not import anymore
    • (#1876)   On clean start, closing the initial login window does not trigger opening of main window
    • (#1933)   Notes not updated when editing w/ multiple Tabs open to same Brain/Thought
    • (#2074)   Refresh Brains button blue highlight doesn't go away
    • (#2122)   Importing BRZ file should respect user permissions
    • (#2151)   Allow setting language for spellchecking
    • (#2210)   All IDisposable objects should be disposed
    • (#2232)   Parent Thought appears "disconnected" in Mind Map view if the Thought name is short.
    • (#2304)   Click on tiny attachments toolbar in empty space to the right of the hamburger menu should not reload
    • (#2327)   Notes Editor spell check should trigger in certain scenarios
    • (#2385)   Notes Editor - spell checking - cursor in Notes sometimes "jumps" to a new location
    • (#2406)   Windows: not possible to login to setup an endpoint without logging into the default one
    • (#2418)   Pre (Code) text does not wrap when viewing in browser.
    • (#2441)   Brain Theme Dialog should be modal
    • (#2444)   InternalServerError when editing User Access Control
    • (#2463)   Issues with downloaded Brain and syncing
    • (#2470)   Sync failed - you are not authorized to sync this brain
    • (#2494)   Update Content on Hover is causing multiple problems
    • (#2536)   Mac: Popup appearing in the wrong location in some screen arrangements.
    • (#2537)   Refine Types list with 1 or 2 characters - incorrect results
    • (#2560)   Failure to sync on first attempt leads to "Unexpected error with MergeSyncs" error message
    • (#2562)   Closing TheBrain mid-first-sync results in failure to complete sync
    • (#2574)   Clicking on a Thought URL from another app puts content area on the bottom
    • (#2578)   Crash! - cannot run TheBrain on machine with Active Directory Domain
    • (#2606)   Mac: Crash when dragging attachment file into Plex
    • (#2614)   Mac Retina: Opening and closing a brain 6+ times in a row = crash due to out of memory
    • (#2623)   Initial download of a Brain no longer shows status updates
    • (#2624)   Notes Editor - Right click in a blank NOTE - Spellcheck "Null"
    • (#2626)   Can't toggle between CREATE and ADD in import window
    • (#2629)   Notes Editor - 'Insert link' on blank line doesn't behave the same as CTRL + V
    • (#2636)   Splash screen appears but window and full menu never appear due to failure to retrieve brain list
    • (#2657)   Mac: Custom color dialog does not work
    • (#2658)   Multiple ClientBrain Records Error – Workaround
    • (#2484)   Document Preview Content does not leave the screen



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