I've been using TheBrain on my iPad, my desktop and my Android phone for couple of months now. All was working great! I noticed today that it has stopped syncing on the iPad. If I click the cloud icon in the top left, the app crashes. Sync still works on the desktop an on my Android. Also if I open another brain on the iPad I was able to sync that one, but not the core brain file I am using across devices. I am able to navigate my brain on the iPad, but of course I am not getting updates, and my updates on the iPad don't get synchronized to the cloud.

I am not getting any error messages, the app simply crashes.
Thanks for posting. It may be helpful for you to upgrade your iPad to the latest build of TheBrain for iOS, which is currently in beta. Would you be willing to join the iOS Beta group?  If so, You can visit  https://www.thebrain.com/products/ios and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Click the "Join iOS Beta" to get started.  The current Beta version specifically addresses an issue with resuming a previously interrupted sync.

I also was having v9.1.6 sync problems. So I took Matt’s advice and upgraded my iPad and iPhone to v10.0.0.5 Beta. Definitely much better plus you get the Brainbox feature. If you clip in your iPhone via Brainbox, you can add it into your Brain on another device. In my case, my iMac. Nice!
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