Version 9.1.7 (Beta)

July 6, 2018

  • Fixes
    • (#2138) macOS: Application should not use more than 5% CPU when idle or minimized
    • (#2517) Notes: Spellchecking still checks single word lines when turned off
    • (#2942) Notes: When Spell Checking enabled leading spaces disappear
    • (#3958) Windows tablet mode: Software keyboard pops up continually when you click on thoughts
    • (#4616) macOS: Double click to open .BrainTheme does not work
    • (#4728) Right click on Thoughts behind the selection box
    • (#4898) macOS: Keyboard modifier to move file during drag and drop to content area doesn't work
    • (#4900) Thoughts that were imported to TB8 from other programs can lose their icons when imported to TB9
    • (#4906) Attachment "Type" is not saved when saving a Report
    • (#4908) Timestamps for file attachments in the database may be left unset, leading to unnecessary syncs
    • (#4909) Unauthorized file change message says file has been moved to the desktop before it has really been moved
    • (#4911) Attachments "with Notes" report can bring wrong results if "Name" field is filled

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