I'm using Windows 7 French.
When I type a word in the search tab, TheBrain do not search inside Notes, only Thougths, Links and Events.

I've the same problem with TheBrain 9 and TheBrain 10. 

It's the same problem as in the following topic:

I've tried to change the language of TheBrain to English but with no luck.
Laurent Brixius

We have seen a few instances where results are not returned due to the way Windows translates the actual attachment and/or thought note path in non-English versions of Windows. It certainly looks like this may be happening in your case. Please try creating an empty folder on your C drive called "Brain" (without the quotes.) Click on Options > Preferences > System to change the Storage location (click on Select Folder) to the new directory that you just created at C:\Brains. Next, be sure to add that location to Windows search (click Windows button, then type "Indexing" to open Indexing Options, click "Modify", and then navigate to C:\Brains and check the box next to it).

Restart TheBrain and test your search again. Please keep us posted with the results.

Thank you,
I faced the same problem. After set folder's location on C: it worked perfectly.

Thanks for the support
Hi Matt,

Changing to C: didn't correct the problem for me. 

But I finally managed to force TheBrain to look in the notes with the following procedure :

1 - I put the Brains folder on the D: where I store all my data and change the Storage location as explained in your post. Maybe it would have worked on C: but I reserve that for the software files.
2 - I edit the indexing options of Windows to delete unnecessary folders and specifically add the folder D: / Brains. Here too I probably could have left all the D partition but I wanted the re-indexing to be fast. I will add other directories later.
3 - I deleted and rebuilt the index.
4 - I closed TheBrain and reopened it. TheBrain now looks into the Notes as well as inside files.

Thanks for your help.
Laurent Brixius

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