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It sounds like the information for the Brain is hanging around in your brain meta database. This is the database that stores everything for the application other than the brains themselves. It's not that easy to delete as it's not just a file... We'll need to take a look at this database. Don't worry, it doesn't have any of your brain data in other than the name. If you wouldn't mind sending it to us (via support@thebrain.com), we can take a look and fix and hopefully find out why it's not showing in your list. (Please don't post this file here as it contains your encrypted password for your brain account, which theoretically is not decryptable but you shouldn't share around anyhow.)

The file we need is called:


It is located here:

Mac: From Finder, Cmd+Shift+G, then type ~/.TheBrain/v9/MetaDB
Windows: C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/AppData/Local/TheBrain/MetaDB/TheBrainMeta.db (see here for a good tutorial on how to find this)

It's okay.

I didn't have anything important in Brain 9 so I deleted everything in ~/.TheBrain/v9 and then reinstalled the software.

I was then able to import the brain and it's working fine now.

Thanks for the update.

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