Hello Matt;

I test also TB9 in conjunction with a personal dropbox. (1TB)

I must say it works very good !

The database itself however has to be on your machine and not in the cloud of dropbox because of the syncing system.

1°) Can the database stay on the cloud of thebrain itself without syncing problems ? 

2°) When you want to manipulate Big Files (>50mb), dropbox will relay on your local files.
Thus you should always have your assets in an directory on your local machine when you are using external links.

I'm not very clear on what you mean in this question:

Can the database stay on the cloud of thebrain itself without syncing problems ? 

However, I believe Harlan's post here is as pertinent to TheBrain 9 as it was earlier versions.

If you are referring to keeping the database local (not in a DropBox folder) and attachments in Dropbox as external attachments, that should work normally.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Zenrain is correct. While it is possible to use a third party sync service such as dropbox with your Brain, it is not recommended as any mistakes in timing (editing more than one copy of your brain without first making sure it is the latest version sync from any other copies) will definitely result in data loss and could corrupt your Brain.

TheBrain's syncing is designed from the ground up for networked data and allows concurrent modification of a brain from many different copies between syncs.

If you really want to use dropbox for your brain, the safest way would be to create a BRZ and put that into your dropbox each time you want to send it to the other machine, then import the BRZ on the destination machine. While somewhat cumbersome, this would ensure that you do not inadvertently corrupt your data. However, even with this method, it is possible to make a mistake (such as editing your brain before you reimport the latest version of the BRZ...).

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