Problem: Drag and Drop Windows 7 32-bit MS Outlook 10 files into Brain9 (PRO ver does not work.

  1. This worked in Brain9(Pro ver and quit after upgrading to and now in (Submitted it through e-mail and they requested I go this route) 
  2. I looked up the problem in your FAQ
    1. I followed that advice (all the way through) and it never worked (even after trying redemption)
    2. It still didn’t work
    3. I uninstalled both TheBrain8 and TheBrain9
      1. I retried the install of TheBrain9 and it still does not work
      2. What else can I try? (For now I am saving the attachments to my desktop and moving them in)  

 Thank you… 

Hello, thanks for your post.

Sorry for any confusion. The FAQ that talks about redemption is for TheBrain 8. We will be adding support for direct drag and drop from Outlook in a future release, but have not done so as of yet.

I suggest that you open the thought folder (Ctrl+Shift+F is the keyboard shortcut) and then drop into there and it will added to the thought.
Thank YOU.  Worked Great!  [smile]

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