I'm trying to build a portable system in a portable HD, with all my apps including TheBrain. For now, I am trying Ceedo.
I've installed TheBrain and it works if I plug Ceedo HD in a Windows 7 system. But when I plug it in a Windows 8 system, it crashes after the first run (i.e., when I run it for the second time). 
In the past, I had the same issue under Windows 8 (without Ceedo) and it was solved disabling Windows 8 Smart Screen.
But now, even disabling Smart Screen, it does not run (with Ceedo).
Any thoughts will be very appreciated.


Thank you for writing in.  We have not done any compatibility testing with Ceedo, but I'll put this on our list for further review.  In the mean time, can you send us a copy of your Output.log file after one of the crashes?

Thank you,

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