I have all my informations in TheBrain, working with Getting Things Done-method (GTD) from David Allen, so I have a lot of small projects und a lot of tasks in my Brain. I´m struggeling how I can organize my work, if I have to work with a team, how I can share tasks, projects and further information with all of them?

MindMeister ( as a leading mindmapping program par example has created MeisterTask ( What is the concept for TheBrain in the future?

Thanks for writing in.  TheBrain 9 is still in development, so all of the collaborative and online features (many of which you can see / use in v8) have not yet been implemented.  To review our current capabilities for collaboration, I suggest you take a look at our TeamBrain page at to learn more about how you can:
  • Share your Brain with others as Editor or Reader
  • Synchronize your Brain online and between multiple machines
  • Run reports to review which users have made modifications to which thoughts
  • Get instant access to team documents
And to answer your questions specifically, I like to share tasks with other team members by creating Thought Tags for each editor.  This way, I can quickly bring another person's attention to a Thought and/or document that I have assigned to them.  Likewise, I'll also see Thoughts that they have assigned to me by using the Attention Matt Tag! More information on Thought Tags at

And of course, we have much more information on using TheBrain with GTD at including a demo of a GTD Brain with David Allen himself!

Thank you,

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