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Visualizing Knowledge
“Modern knowledge visualization tools may have started as simple drawing tools, but they have evolved into collaborative environments that help teams share information effectively, develop shared mental models and provide context in a way no other tool can.”

- Daniel W. Rasmus, KMWorld, October 2013
With TheBrain’s visual links, disconnected content, complex ideas and multiple information sources can be brought together intelligently and intuitively. In this month’s issue of KMWorld Dan Rasmus explores mission critical visualization and how organizations are using tools like TheBrain to do great things.  He highlights the extraordinary work of the Joint Council on Thoracic Surgery, who is advancing education to surgeons across the world with their TeamBrain.
 Dr. Craig BakerDr. Craig Baker, Chief of Cardiac Surgery LAC+USC and Vice Chair of Surgical Education at USC's Keck School of Medicine, has created an impressive Brain to educate and empower the next generation of surgeons.
Dr. Craig Baker's Brain
 Conrad ClyburnAlso covered in KMWorld is Conrad Clyburn, CEO of MedForsight. His company helps accelerate the translation of medical technology from the lab to market.

Conrad’s Brain graphically "connects the dots" between over 35,000 best practices, pioneering academic medical research, global subject matter experts, interlinked funding programs, and industry players.  It’s a lot to keep track of, but it is easy, because it's all in his Brain!

Read about TheBrain customer applications and other visualization technologies in the full article on KMWorld online and on page 8 in this month’s October edition.
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies
Great article!
Good to learn from the appreciation of such heavy users. TheBrain works!
I take it neither of the Brains listed is publically available?  Would be fun to see. 

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