Hello everyone!

We're excited to finally release TheBrain for Android Beta. After some extensive internal testing we're coming to you to start final testing. For those unfamiliar with how Beta Testing works for Android, here are some step-by-step instructions on how to start testing:

Prerequisite: You must have a Google account and a Google+ profile to proceed with any of the steps below. It is recommend that use the same Google account that you use for installing other Android apps.

NOTE: These instructions involve using a desktop browser. It is possible to signup via a mobile device, but it is recommend you use the official Google+ app and search for 'TheBrain for Android Beta' community then proceed with steps 2-5.

1. Search for 'TheBrain for Android Beta' community on Google+ and navigate to this page or click this Direct Link

TheBrain for Android Beta 1.png 

2. Join the Community

3. Click the Beta Signup link in the 'About this community' section

TheBrain for Android Beta 2-3.png 

4. Click the BECOME A TESTER button
   4.1 Wait a minute or two for your signup to kick in

5. Download TheBrain from the Play Store

TheBrain for Android Beta 4-5.png 


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