Available now on the App Store.
  • Swipe left/right from edge of view to navigate forward/back
  • iPad: Preliminary trackpad and mouse pointer support
  • iPad: Support for keyboard navigation in the plex
  • Various fixes and enhancements
very exciting to get new developments to iOS!

I’ve installed this version off TestFlight and this is what I’ve noticed so far:

1) Swipe from the right edge interferes with Slide Over on iPadOS.  Swipe from the left edge does move to the previous thought.

2) What new mouse/trackpad gestures were implemented?   I don’t have access to the previous install so it’s not obvious on first try.  Mouse appears to work as intended.

3) What keyboard shortcuts have been implemented?   When I hold down Command, I don’t get a list of shortcuts like this (example from Safari):
ipados - command shortcuts list example.png 

4) The help screen is blank:
thebrain 11.0.5 - help blank.png 

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