The Brain is a great idea, but commits suicide due to basics going wrong.

To the developer :
- do know that using the brain as the only idea/notes/thoughts store might live only in your thoughts.

Using interaction with other products still sucks, just like it did years ago.
Copy/Past in notes from outlook, mail, Evernote, ... still generates sh.., causes CPU consumption, text is lost, just like it did years ago.

I read about v10 but again the focus is on the fancy stuff, not fixing the basics.

So by, and this time for ever.
Evernote has become and will stay my best friend.
Not so sexy navigation, but one that works.


Sorry to see you go. We've just recently repaired some copy/paste issues into Notes from iOS devices.  We've also made some copy/paste improvements in v10. Copy and paste of content from Outlook, Evernote and other mail apps should be working fine in v9. You are experiencing lost text?  Are you interested in sharing some examples?  We're happy to help troubleshoot if we know more about the issue.  If you are referring to copy/paste issues in v10, please keep in mind that this is Alpha Software and still under active development.

Also, there's more to v10 than just fancy features.  Much work has gone into improved syncing, application responsiveness and overall usability of the application. We do like to release alpha software early to start hearing user feedback and let the Brain community be more involved in development, so there's still more to come.

Thank you,

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