Hi there, I have been a user of the PersonalBrain for quite a few years now and just recently, and after a bit of back and forth, I managed to install TheBrain 8 on my Kubuntu 18.04 laptop.
Now, I understand there is no more Linux version which is why I was in contact with your support, trying to understand how I can enable professional mode. In short, I would have to buy a 9.0 license, paying for upgrade rights, bugfixes and features which which are of no value if on Linux.

I can obviously only speak for myself but I am not missing features, 8.0 has what I need (and more), but I also don't want to invest time and potentially money into a product which is essentially end of live.
Hence I thought I float the idea of calling 8.0 feature complete but instead of letting it slowly die, put it into maintenance mode, making sure it still runs with current JVMs and continue selling licenses? May not be a massive revenue stream but allows those who are on Linux to stay with the product.

Definitely +1

Thomas, I am NOT a Linux user, and I totally support this option!

There are many features in TB8 that have been sunsetted that I actually preferred, and I would be absolutely delighted to have the option of continuing to use TB8 (alongside TB9), knowing TB8 would be actively maintained and supported.

Unfortunately, my fear is there were too just many bugs/issues in TB8 (including problems with the 3rd party note editor) for the support team to want to invest any more time and energy in maintaining TB8. However, I suspect there are still a LOT brain users (like you and me) who would really like to have ongoing, supported access to TB8.

@mctrexler: Do you have any thoughts on this in terms of how you plan to use and maintain the Climate Web?

FWIW, I've even thought of switching to Linux at some point in the future, and having access to TB8 on Linux would be HUGE bonus!
Metta, responding to your question, given how weak TB8 is when it comes to webbrain access, I'm not that enthusiastic about sticking with TB8 in the long term.   I have to assume that TB9 will be at least equivalent to TB8 relatively soon when it comes to web access, and that would make it possible for us to move the Climate Web to TB9.  There are TB8 features I'd really miss (e.g. report filtering and expanded views) but for the Climate Web it's really all about web user experience.   
Thanks for taking time to share your feedback, Mark.

I was just thinking of the potential challenges associated with migrating such a large brain into TB9 -- and the features available in TB8 web client that (I suspect) are not likely to be replicated in TB9.

For example:
> Private brain sharing (without sharing private thoughts)
> Clear, simple and readily visible attachment access
> Significantly greater font/display control in the notes
> HTML code view access in the notes

However, on second thought, I realize you may not use many of these features, so you may not miss them in TB9.
As a Linux user I was also disappointed in the decision to no longer offer a Linux version.  But I understand the business reasons for that decision.

I am however very happy so far with the development of the web Brain.  Running it in Firefox and Chrome on Linux works pretty well, good enough for me to be able to use it when I need it.

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