I really want TheBrain on mobile so I can use it locally and than sync up later. Basically to replace a leather 3x5 card wallet / pen I use now - http://www.levenger.com/Essential-Pocket-Briefcase-6449.aspx

I'm thinking of getting an iPod Touch pretty much just for TheBrain; the older versions (3 and 4) are available used for under $100. Could anyone comment on if TheBrain for iOS works well on older iPod Touch versions? Or the vaguely equivalent iPhone 3 and 4?

I currently have Android devices, so if that is coming within the next month or two I could wait. Anyone know an ETA?

Also, any word on feature parity between iOS and Android versions?

I can safely say that an Android app is coming within the next month or two. I would recommend following us on Google+: http://google.com/+TheBrain for all the latest breaking news on our Android app. 

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