As TheBrain becomes more and more "connected" (and this is a good thing !), it have to look more connected, and provide related options.

As I suggested in uservoice, you should add a "sync" or "refresh" button directly on the main window, as well as the last synchronisation time. It's a crucial data when you really start to use multiple brains in multiple computers (otherwise you always need to open the "file" > "synchronize" menu, manually check the last syc time - and you don't even know if there are updates to be done).

Maybe a "status" icon can be very usefull, something like :
 - Green when it has just be synchronized
 - Turn red when you add a modification (new thought, note, link ... everything) to remember you that webbrain isn't sync'd anymore
 - Turn red automatically as well when some recurrent auto-check is done, detecting that your local copy isn't synchronized anymore (i.e. you have updated something from another computer) [or maybe another color, or maybe a code with tiny up and/or down arrows telling you which way your brain should update ....]

(For me) the best localization remains near the (optional) memory use, right near the "TheBrain xxx edition" (at the top-right of the window).

Maybe a quick schema can better explain :
- Brice.
French user - TheBrain 7 beta.

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