I just arrived from other planet .

If i understand good.

Personnal brain for few box ......
great software , simple to used and funny

the collaborative server is for 25 000 dollars plus installation , administration and fee per account ... maybe negociable .

Why not one business model per account like comapping or zoho for real colaborate services with THEBRAIN?
it will be good smalll business after maybe 400 or 1000 account and great marketing and promotion for the software .

it s almost nothing for Thebrain company and good business .

why  THEBRAIN COMMUNITY  ... ( other post ) is not open today with public or not public access .......

few hundred Thebrains open source by theme , easy for used by other accounts for private or public thebrain .

... why not

If  Thebrain company is open for speak about this,
If they care about this small server ( for start ) and accept free access for community like WIKIPEDIA ( when you used the server for  promote free thebrain  subject  ).
If they accept business model per account for groups or projets for few box per years  like  services for exemple

If all of this is possible .... and it s possible ... sure ....

I will be interested for make this and take care about this project with other thebrain
users ....

Thank you for your time

jean ....

 ha.. haha ,  my bad english is so great and funny

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