This may be related to some other threads I've seen. Is there any reason why the Working folder is so huge? Seems to only have started happening after installing 9.0.75. 

Restarting TheBrain doesn't clear this folder.

Edit: Also, Is it ok to delete this folder out when TheBrain 9 isn't running periodically until the issue is resolved?
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
32 GB in my case ...

Tx zenrain, now I know WHERE those GBs went [tongue]

Team, you've got 2 mins to explain me how to recover those GBs or I'll zap that folder !

PS: Oldest sub-folders in Working date back to 19 december, when I first installed TB 9.
This seems to have come up a few different times/threads today, so I'll post here too...

Hard Drive Space:  the content of the "Logs", "Temp", and "Working" folders can be deleted when V9 is not running. They should not be deleted when V9 is running.


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