When I load the iOS app, I get "Think faster and work smarter" for a few seconds and then I get a list of my online brains. I then need to launch a brain, usually the same one that I used last time.

I could think faster and work smarter if the app took me directly to where I was when I last used the app, similar to what happens with the desktop app.

The iOS app does go back to the same place within a short time from the last activation but I don't know what the maximum time frame is.

What is the underlying rationale for the current behavior?

Great suggestion to improve efficient use of TheBrain. It is actually something that we are planning on implementing in the iOS app in a future update.

Cheers, Sean
The new iOS App will maintain your open brain and thought until iOS unloads the application, which happens when you open another app that needs the memory currently being used by TheBrain. If that happens you will have to reselect which Brain you want to open, but it will remember which thought you were on. As Sean mentioned, we are planning on improving this in the future.

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