There appear to be some errors with Thought attachments in the latest Pro version ( Have just added a link to a webpage and it does not show on the plex. If I add a second hyperlink both show in the plex. If I delete one, it again does not show (so not a workaround).  
Earlier today I also had an issue where with two internal files attached, one icon showed a PDF type when the file was a JPG.  The other file was a PDF and correctly had the same icon.  Checked my Windows XP file types and the JPG file showed correctly in Explorer and other software so just TheBrain is confusing the type (bleeding from the other file type?).
Windows XP Professional 32bit
Click image for larger version - Name: attacherror.png, Views: 145, Size: 27.39 KB

Thanks for posting.

To resolve this issue try the following:

1. Type *support* in your Search field (see attached screenshot)
2. Navigate to (File > Utilities > Download Missing Web Icons)

If this does not solve the issue, try:

1.  Navigate to (File > Utilities > Rebuild Icon Cahe)

If you still experience this issue after trying these solutions, please send an email to

Thanks for helping but did not resolve the missing Plex icon for an attachment (link to URL).

I have just set up a new clean brain and entered the same attachment (link to URL) and replicated the problem (1st screenshot). This link does not have a custom icon for the webpage so this might be the problem.

If I add a second link both appear fine (2nd screenshot).

Deleting the first link to URL (which has no bespoke icon) leaves the 2nd weblink showing fine in the plex (3rd screenshot)

Deleting the second link results in the plex not showing the first link (which has no bespoke icon) (same as 1st screenshot again)

As this problem repeats I posted the reply rather than going through support to help other users with this issue.

Click image for larger version - Name: attacherror.png, Views: 128, Size: 68.56 KB
Even occurrs with a link to the URL of the previous forum post; sorry but it's kind of funny  

Click image for larger version - Name: attacherr2.png, Views: 129, Size: 21.40 KB

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