I have set my Brain to display thought colors as background colors. This works well in desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE10).
But in iOS browsers (Safari and Chrome), all thoughts in the plex show colored text instead of colored backgrounds. Strangely, though, pinned thoughts and the breadcrumbs at the bottom show the background colors as intended.
Also, when I create a new thought, it initially is displayed with a background color. but as soon as I activate a different thought, the new thought loses its background color and is shown as colored text.

This is rather annoying because I prefer a color scheme with a white plex and black text on light-colored thought backgrounds. On iOS this leads to light text colors on a white background which makes the text pretty much unreadable. And yes, I could give the plex a dark background color, but I find that very hard on the eyes.

So, please, could you fix this?

Thanks, Doris

This is a known issue. You can view the corrected colors, by enabling 'desktop mode' in the mobile browser.
I just did this with Chrome on the iPad, but it didn't change anything.
Why are pinned thoughts and breadcrumbs shown correctly, but not the thoughts in the plex?

For Safari on the iPad, I don't know how to ask for desktop mode. Could you give me a hint?


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